Stormwater Management

  1. Stormwater Management Plan
  2. Neuse Buffer Rules
  3. Non-Neuse Buffers
  4. Surface Water Identification
  5. Stormwater Pollution
  6. Open Burning

Stormwater Management Plan

Section 6.14: Stormwater Management of the Orange County Unified Development Ordinance states that a Stormwater Management Plan must also be submitted for any new development or land-disturbing activity exceeding the thresholds noted in the Watershed Matrix Table. The requirements apply to all new development within the Orange County planning jurisdiction, including private, public, state, and federal development not covered by a separate NPDES permit. Stormwater Management Plans must address the following:

  • Protection of riparian areas
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus load contributions
  • Peak flow attenuation for the 1-year, 24-hour storm
  • Control and treatment of runoff generated by one inch of rainfall from all project area surfaces
  • Engineered stormwater controls with a minimum 85% removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) for projects that exceed nutrient export thresholds

Stormwater Management Plans are to be submitted to the Erosion Control / Stormwater Division for review and approval. The current Stormwater Management Plan Review Fee is $500 per project. Once approved, a Stormwater Management Permit will be issued at no charge.