Success stories: Susan Kramli

Susan is originally from Michigan, but has lived all over North Carolina for the past 18 years, from Wilmington to Charlotte to her current home in Raleigh. As she approached retirement, she wanted to move closer to her children and grandchildren who live in the Triangle, and one of whom already lives in Hillsborough.

Currently, Susan rents a fourth-floor apartment that, while only five years old, already has major problems with bugs and mold. The property as a whole is not well-maintained or secure, making safety a concern. Susan is excited to move to Crescent Magnolia, where she will be in control of her own home maintenance, in addition to having an affordable mortgage payment.

In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, friends and neighbors, and is looking forward to the new community she is building in Crescent Magnolia. “I can’t wait to be active in the Hillsborough community and share meals with my neighbors.” She in fact has recruited some of her friends and current neighbors to apply to live in Crescent Magnolia with a few of them being accepted to the program.

“I love working with Habitat because I love the idea of people helping other people. Seeing young people volunteering and building on my home is inspiring,” said Susan. “We were put on this earth to help other, and that’s happening here.”