Rhonda Morales


(919) 698-3925


My name is Rhonda Morales. I am a Zone 4 Navigator and I am married with three children.  Two are adults who attended Orange County Schools and one is still a student here. I went to school in Durham but have deep family roots in Orange County. I believe strongly that everyone can experience recovery, redemption and restoration. I bring that belief over into working with families who are struggling. I once was a single teen mom, who then grew into a young single mom before my current husband.

 I realize the importance of education and life goals. I want to raise children out of a life in which you have to wonder where to get money to pay bills or buy shoes. I want to help families set goals for themselves and find the joy of that success when goals are reached. I look forward to the overall success of helping our children, who are our future leaders, see the possibilities of what they can accomplish with persistence and determination.