Outside Agencies

Applications for Human Services/Outside Agencies' Funding

Each year, Orange County, the Town of Carrboro, and the Town of Chapel Hill invite program funding requests from nonprofit providers (outside agencies) to support delivery of vital community services. The County and Towns administer a common application with separate evaluation processes.

The FY 2020-21 Commissioner Approved Budget included funding for fifty (50) agencies totaling $1,561,974, an increase of $71,793 from the prior year. This included funding for one (1) new or previously unfunded agency, in the amount of $20,000. (View full list of approved appropriations.)

The total Outside Agency budget for FY2021-22 is $1.82 million which is consistent with the goal established by the Board of County Commissioners to allocate 1.2% of general fund expenses, not including education, to outside agencies.

Each quarter, agencies must report their performance objectives and provide financial receipts in order to receive funding disbursements, as outlined in funding applications and Scope of Services Performance Agreement.

For an application or more detailed information, please visit on the Funding Process page on the left menu.

Points of Contact

For inquires about the evaluation and grant administration process, please contact: