How do the COVID-19 vaccines work?

COVID-19 vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness. When you get the vaccine, your immune system makes antibodies and other infection-fighting cells that protect you in case you are infected with the virus.

Watch a short video to learn how vaccines fight COVID-19.
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1. What COVID-19 Vaccines are Available?
2. What ages are eligible to be vaccinated?
3. How do we know COVID-19 vaccines are safe for kids?
4. If the vaccine works for other people, why do kids need it?
5. I have already had COVID-19. Do I still need to get vaccinated?
6. Who should get a COVID-19 booster shot?
7. Is the second COVID-19 booster vaccine available?
8. I am immunocompromised. Do I need an additional shot?
9. How do the COVID-19 vaccines work?
10. Will the vaccines cause side effects?
11. How were the COVID-19 vaccines produced so quickly?
12. Can I get COVID-19 from these vaccines?
13. Can receiving a COVID-19 vaccine cause you to be magnetic?
14. Do COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips?
15. Can the COVID-19 vaccine alter my DNA?
16. Is it safe for me to get the COVID-19 vaccine if I would like to have a baby one day?
17. Will getting a COVID-19 vaccine cause me to test positive for COVID-19 on a viral test?
18. What can you do once you are fully vaccinated?
19. I missed my 2nd shot of the mRNA vaccine. What should I do?
20. I am homebound or unable to travel to a COVID-19 vaccine clinic. What should I do?
21. I lost my vaccine card. How can I get a new one?
22. How do I host a COVID-19 vaccine event?
23. What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?
24. If I test positive for COVID-19, what should I do?
25. If I was exposed to someone with COVID-19, what should I do?
26. When can I leave isolation if I had COVID-19 symptoms?
27. One or more health conditions increase the risk of getting very sick with COVID-19. What are those conditions?