Health - COVID-19

  1. OC: Teens- Stay Physically Apart From Others to Reduce COVID-19 Risk (April 28)
  2. NCDHHS: NCDHHS Announces Carolina Community Tracing Collaborative (April 27)
  3. OC: Orange County Updated COVID-19 Data (April 24)
  4. OC: Orange County to Extend Stay at Home Order Through May 8 (April 23)
  5. OC: Orange County NC Ready to Strike Back at COVID-19 (April 21)
  6. NCDHHS: Additional Food Benefits to be provided for More than 800,000 Children Impacted by COVID-19 (April 20)
  7. OC: Orange County Updated COVID-19 Data (April 17)
  8. Joint Release: Leaders across Orange County Encourage the Public to Continue Social Distancing (April 16)
  9. Hillsborough: New State Order Addresses Social Distancing in Places of Business (April 14)
  10. OC: Health Department Reporting Second COVID-19 Associated Death
  11. OC: Health Department Reporting First COVID-19 Associated Death (April 10)
  12. OC: Health Department Reporting Outbreaks of COVID-19 at two long-term care facilities (April 8)
  13. OC: Health Department offering telehealth option, no longer allowing walk-in appointments at clinics (April 3)
  14. OC: Orange County reports two COVID cases at long-term care facility (April 2)
  15. NCDHHS: Governor Cooper announces statewide stay-at-home order until April 29 (March 27)
  16. OC: Orange County Issues a “Stay at Home” Order to Take Effect March 27 (March 26)
  17. Gov. Cooper: Cooper Extends School Closure Date To May; Orders Group Limit To 50 People (March 23)
  18. OC: Orange County announces first positive COVID-19 tests (March 20)
  19. Gov. Cooper: NC to Close Restaurants and Bars for Dine-In Customers, Allow Takeout and Delivery Operations to Continue (March 17)
  20. OC: Orange County to implement social distancing measures in response to COVID-19 (March 13)
  21. OC: Orange County declares State of Emergency in response to COVID-19 pandemic (March 13)
  22. NCDHHS: N.C. recommends new steps to protect against COVID-19 (March 12)
  23. NCDHHS: N.C. Medicaid updates policies to address COVID-19 (March 11)
  24. NCDHHS: Governor Cooper declares State of Emergency (March 9)
  25. OCHD: Orange County to increase preparedness measures for COVID-19 (March 5)
  26. OCHD: Information about the Novel Coronavirus (Jan. 29)