UDO Flag Amendment FAQ

On May 15, 2018, the Orange County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) approved several changes to the Uniform Development Ordinance (based on recommendations from the County Attorney’s office and Planning Department) to clarify standards governing the erection of flagpoles and display of flags.

  • Click here for the BOCC agenda item from the May 15 meeting.

The following FAQs provide answers to basic question on this particular project.

What prompted this amendment?

Isn't this just an attempt to ban a specific type of flag?

If adopted, where will proposed restrictions be enforced?

What changes did the BOCC approve on May 15?

What about flags that have already been erected within the County?

What about flagpoles?

Can a flag be mounted on a structure?

If I cannot meet established setbacks, does this mean I cannot erect a flagpole?

Does a flag painted on a structure have to meet established size limits?

How will the County document existing flags?