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Title Date
Ebola Provider Guidance for Local Health Departments - NC DHHS 10/31/14
Pertussis Investigation Overview - NC DPH 10/31/14
EV-D68 Surveillance Update - NC DHHS 10/24/14
Pertussis Update - Orange County Health Department 10/24/14
Ebola Provider Guidance - NC DHHS 10/23/14
Ebola - NC Non-Hospital Guidance - NC DHHS 10/23/14
Ebola Guidance - NC DHHS 10/15/14
Ebola Algorithm for Evaluation of a Returned Traveler - NC DPH 10/15/14
Ebola Guidance - NC DHHS 10/10/14
EV-D68 Surveillance Update - NC DHHS 10/8/14
Pertussis Suspect Health Alert - Orange County Health Department 9/23/14
Enterovirus D68 Guidance - NC DHHS 9/22/14
NC Weekly Enterovirus D68 Surveillance Summary- NC DHHS 9/18/14
Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) Memo and Alert - NC DHHS 9/9/14
Ebola Checklist for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities - CDC and ASPR 9/9/14
Ebola Guidance for NC - NC DHHS 8/25/14
Ebola Risk Algorithm 8/25/14
Ebola Guidance for NC - NC DHHS 8/11/14
Ebola Guidance for NC - NC DHHS 8/5/14
Ebola Guidance for NC - NC DHHS 7/31/14
Ebola - CDC Health Advisory 7/28/14
MD Alert - Fruit Recall due to Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination - NC DHHS 7/24/14
MERS CoV Memo to Clinicians - NC DHHS 6/24/14
MERS Investigation Short Form - NC DHHS 6/24/14
MERS Program Alert - NC DHHS 6/24/14
Chikungunya Virus Update - NC DHHS 6/24/14
Chikungunya Case Confirmed in NC - NC DHHS 6/12/14
Polio Travel Recommentation - HAN - CDC Health Advisory 6/2/14
Rabies in Orange Co. - An update from Animal Services 5/14/14
MD Alert - Arborviral and Tickborne Disease 4/9/14
Lyme disease - Annual update on surveillance 4/7/14
Arboviral disease - Annual update on surveillance 4/7/14
Tickborne Rickettsial Disease - Annual update on diagnosis and surveillance 4/7/14
MD Alert - Flu 4/3/14
MD Alert - Death Presumed Meningococcal Disease 2/19/14
Tuberculin Shortage Memo from the State 1/21/14
Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus - CDC Health Advisory 1/15/14
Clinician Update - Influenza 1/9/14
MD Alert - Crypto 12/17/13
MD Alert - Crypto 12/13/13
MD Alert - Shigella and Crypto 12/9/13
Memo - Shigella 12/6/13
Health Update - Multiple Subjects 7/11/13
MD Alert - TB Testing Change and New HIV Referral Service 6/26/13
MD Alert - Berry Recall due to Hepatitis A Update 6/6/13
MD Alert - Berry Recall due to Hepatitis A 6/4/13
Berry Recall due to Hepatitis A 6/4/13
Measles Provider Update 5/13/13
MD Alert - Measles 5/9/13
MD Alert - Measles 4/26/13
MD Alert - Measles 4/19/13
MD Alert - Measles 4/17/13
NC H7N9 Guidance for Clinicians 4/8/13
H7N9 Flu and Pertussis Update 4/8/13
H7N9 Health Advisory 4/5/13
Flu Update 1/17/13
Flu Update 1/2/13
Fungal Meningitis Update 11/27/12
Fungal Meningitis Update 10/31/12
Pertussis Case at E. Chapel Hill High and Resistant Gonorrhea Information Session 10/30/12
Meningitis Cluster Letter 10/15/12
Meningitis Cluster Update 10/4/12
Meningitis Cluster 10/1/12
West Nile Virus Webinar 8/30/12
Pertussis infant case at Childcare Matters in Chapel Hill 8/28/12
CDC Recommends Baby Boomers Receive Hepatitis C Test 8/16/12
Pertussis - Tiny Tots Letter 8/10/12
Pertussis - Centerwide Letter 8/10/12
Pertussis Info Flyer 8/10/12
Influenza H3N2v Clinician Letter 8/6/12
Human infections with variant influenza viruses 8/6/12
Pertussis case at Carolina Dialysis Center 6/15/12
Statewide warning on Korean imported shellfish expanded to include canned varieties 6/4/12
Pertussis in Carrboro Elementary PreK Class and Spanish for Fun Academy 4/11/2012
More Pertussis at Carrboro Elementary & New Hope Elementary School has first confirmed case 3/27/2012
Additional Pertussis at Carrboro Elementary School 3/14/2012
Pertussis at Carrboro Elementary School 3/7/2012
More Pertussis at Scroggs Elementary School 3/5/2012
Additonal Pertussis at Emerson Waldorf School 2/27/2012
Pertussis at Emerson Waldorf & Scroggs Elementary School 2/23/2012
Additional Pertussis at Emerson Waldorf School 2/16/2012
Pertussis at Emerson Waldorf School 2/10/2012
Chicken Pox 2/2/2012

Health Alert for Long Term Care Facilities:
Noro-like Illness Outbreaks in Area


Health Alert for Medical Providers:
Noro-like Illness Outbreaks in Area


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Public Health Preparedness

The Orange County Health Department develops, maintains and exercises plans that prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate public health emergencies. We will post alerts to this page in the event of a large-scale public health emergency such as pandemic influenza, acts of bioterrorism, and natural disasters. For questions concerning public health preparedness please contact Pat Gentry at

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