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Orange County Public Library Privacy Policy


Orange County Public Library is committed to protecting our patrons’ right to privacy. The Library will not share information regarding the questions you ask, the materials you borrow, or your personal information.

Patron Account

Your patron account includes the following information:
• Full legal name
• Current local address
• Phone number and/or email address
• Date of birth
• Drivers license or other ID number
• Your library card number

This information is collected to confirm identity and residency and to avoid account discrepancies.

Your patron account also includes fines charged, paid and waived.

Your patron account does not include a history of previously borrowed materials.
All hard copies of materials that include personal information are shredded after verification.

Library Cards

Patrons must present their library card in order to check out materials or to use a computer. If a library card is lost or stolen the patron is responsible for notifying the library immediately. Unless a card has been declared lost or stolen, the library assumes that any person presenting the card has the permission of the cardholder to access the account.

Parents and Children

The library respects the privacy and confidentiality of all library users, no matter their age. Parents or guardians of a child under age 18 who wish to obtain access to their child’s library records must provide the child’s library card.

Public Computers

The library does not collect information regarding public computer use aside from sign-in time and session length. Your browsing history and any files created or saved are erased after each session.

Relevant Statutes and Standards

The Orange County Public Library policies conform to the American Library Association Code of Ethics and the relevant North Carolina General Statutes.

Relevant North Carolina statutes:

§ 125-19. Confidentiality of library user records

  • (a) Disclosure. - A library shall not disclose any library record that identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific materials, information, or services, or as otherwise having used the library, except as provided for in subsection (b).
  • (b) Exceptions. - Library records may be disclosed in the following instances:
  • (1) When necessary for the reasonable operation of the library;
  • (2) Upon written consent of the user; or
  • (3) Pursuant to subpoena, court order, or where otherwise required by law. (1985, c. 486, s. 2.)


§ 125-18. Definitions.
As used in this Article, unless the context requires otherwise:

  • (1) "Library" means a library established by the State; a county, city, township, village, school district, or other local unit of government or authority or combination of local units of governments and authorities; community college or university; or any private library open to the public.
  • (2) "Library record" means a document, record, or other method of storing information retained by a library that identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific information or materials from a library. "Library record" does not include non identifying material that may be retained for the purpose of studying or evaluating the circulation of library materials in general. (1985, c. 486, s. 2.)

Policy approved by Hyconeechee Board on October 12, 2011.