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  MARCH  2008

03/01/08 Attempted larceny 1500 Old N.C.#10 off Hwy 86S. south of Walmart reported 03/01/08 reported 5:42am.
Attempted larceny 1500 Old N.C.#10 off Hwy 86S. south of Walmart reported 03/01/08 reported 5:42am. Witness reported subject attempting to load a Caterpillar Bobcat operating a white truck with trailer. Officers
arrived and arrested Robert Stewart of Durham
  A break-in to unlocked vehicles 6614 Orange Grove Rd. south of Bradshaw Quarry Rd. reported 03/02/08 10:19am. Item stolen- 200.00 in currency.
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 6602 Orange Grove Rd. south of Bradshaw Quarry Rd. reported 03/02/08 5:42am. Items stolen- 100.00 in currency, purse a/ personal checks. Value-155.00
  Stolen Vehicle 6602 Orange Grove Rd. reported 03/02/08 3:19am.
keys left in vehicle. 2000 Chevy pickup 2500 red in color w/ camper shell N.C. license BP-6838. Value- 8,000.00.
  A break-in to garage 523 Kenion Rd. between Hwy 86N. a/ Highland Farm Rd. reported 03/02/08 8:41 pm. Craftsman tools, drills a/ saws stolen. Value- 2,350.00
A break-in to business Cates Propane Oakdale Dr. between Old N.C.86S.a/ Orange Grove Rd. reported 03/03/08 2:03pm.
Items stolen-Miller (brand) welder ,welding shield, a/ welding tips. Value-3,150.00
Larceny from residence- 1618 Wildcat Lane. between White Cross Rd. a/ Old Greensboro Hwy  reported 03/03/08 12:39pm.
  Items stolen-8500 watt generator, Honda (brand) 7 1/2 h.p. pressure washer, Feather Lite (brand)  weedeater, 2- pop up canopy tents, airless paint sprayer a/ hoses. Stihl (brand) 16" chainsaw, Husq- varna (brand) 20" chainsaw. Value-4,610.00
  A break-in to shed 4601 Willet Rd. off Pleasant Green Rd. reported 03/03/08 2:01pm.
Item stolen 1999 Kawasaki KX-60 motorcycle green in color w/ white seat a/ high   handle bars. Value-500.00
Break-in to locked vehicle 600 Brandywine Rd. off Smith Level Rd. south of Damascus Ch.Rd. reported 03/05/08 9:30am.
Items stolen-Milwaukee (brand) skil saw,sawsall,drill a/ misc. hand tools. Value-800.00
Attempted Break-in 3300 Old Pineview Rd. off Hwy 54W. west of Bethel Hickory Ch. Rd. reported  03/05/08 12:26pm damage to door a/ molding no entry gained.
-Stolen License tags 6414 Mimosa Dr. off Whitfield Rd. reported 03/05/08 10:42am  N.C. license CD-4710 stolen off victims vehicle. Value-50.00
Stolen vehicle 1265 Wynn Star Ln. off Lebanon Rd. reported 03/05/08 11:30am. 1995 GMC van blue in color N.C. license WZX-6976.
Value -5,000.00
Break-in to shed 6106 Bent Oak Dr. off Pleasant Green Rd. reported 03/05/08 12:26pm.
  Cannondale (brand) motorcycle dirt bike X440 silver a/ black in color
Value- 4,300.00
  Larceny 6018 Mt. Herman Ch. Rd. off Old N.C. #10 reported 03/05/08 Item stolen- N.C. license LYS-4319 stolen off victims vehicle. Value- 50.00
03/10/08 and 03/11/08 A break-in reported to unlocked shed on Tues. 0311/08 4:00pm. 5702 Old Greensboro Hwy west of White Cross Rd. Items stolen-McCullough (brand) chainsaw,Toro (brand) weedeater a/ leaf blower. Value-450.00
  Damage to Property reported 03/10/08 1100 Mt. Carmel Church Rd. off 15-501 South Suspect(s) shot victim residence w/ green paint balls.
Larceny of mail reported 03/10/08 2509 Orange Clover Garden Ch. Rd. between Morrow Mill Rd. a/  Old Greensboro Hwy
victim reported vehicle registration stoled from mailbox.
Larceny reported Tues. 03/11/08 6:27 pm. 3208 Brooks Rd. off Phelps Rd. between Hwy 86N.a/ Hwy 57N.
Item stolen from back of pickup. Sthil (brand) chainsaw. Value-375.00
  Damage to disabled vehicle I-40 Hillsborough Exit near Old N.C. 86S.
Window busted out of vehicle. Witness stated they saw suspect on bike damage window to vehicle.  Officer from our agency responded a/ apprehended suspect.
Damage to Property  a/ Larceny  reported 03/10/08 2707 Moorefields Rd. off Dimmocks Mills Rd. between   Orange Grove  Rd. a/ Ben Johnson Rd.
Owner reported former tenants damaged walls a/ stole clothes dryer.
2 Armed Robberies were reported on 03/10/08 One-Stop Cellular Store in Hampton Point near Walmart a/  Cricket Cellular Store on Mayo St. near the old Walmart
Suspect description White female 18-25 years of age w/   blonde hair wearing grey or brown hooded sweat shirt displaying a small silver handgun. Same description was  given in both Robberies.
On Tues. approx 1:56pm. Armed Robbery was reported in Timberlyne Shopping Center near Food Lion off   Weaver Dairy Rd. in Chapel Hill. Description of suspect was the same who was involved in the Robberies   in Hillsborough.
Suspect was reported driving a Pontiac Gran Prix grey in color.
  A break-in to shed reported 03/11/08 6:50pm. 4811 Gov. Cherry Cir. off Gov. Scott Rd.
Items stolen- 2- Lawnboy (brand) push mowers w/ baggers.Honda (brand) tiller a/
 Shtil (brand) 20" chainsaw.Value- 2,000.00
03/14/08 thru 03/17/08 A break-in  to residence reported 03/15/08 7:00pm 1500 Old N.C.#10 off Hwy 86S. south of Walmart. Item stolen- Remmington (brand) 870 12gauge shotgun. Value-250.00
  A break-in to residence reported 03/14/08 3:50pm. 2801 Hwy 86N. south of Phelps Rd.
 Items stolen- 50" RCA T.V. 2 pairs of womens tennis shoes Nike(brand) Value- 515.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle reported 03/16/08 4721 Schley Rd. between Hwy 57N.a/ New Sharon Ch.Rd. owner found vehicle doors opened nothing reported missing.
  A break-in to residence reported 03/14/08 6:08 pm. 635 Pine Acres Circle off Hatch Rd. between Hwy 54W.
Items stolen- 42" Samsung (brand) flat screen T.V. Sony digital camera,45 caliber Taurus (brand) handgun a/ jewelry. Value-5,069.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle reported 03/16/08 10:36 am. 1312 Maxeben Way off Jones Ferry Rd. Items stolen- brown leather wallet containing credit cards. Value-40.00
  Larceny of trailer reported 03/14/08 8:43 am. 1707 Eubanks Rd. between Old N.C.86 a. MLK Blvd. 1983 Tandem axle heavy duty 61/2' x 20' N.C. license R-66105. Value- 2,800.00
03/20/08 thru 03/23/08 News Media broadcast a Drive-by shooting occured on Old 86 between Davis Rd. a/ New Hope Ch.Rd.reported Sun. morning approx 5:30 am. Victim was operating a scooter a/ was shot in the calf Victim was transported to hospital reference injuries.
  A break-in reported 3303 New Sharon Ch.Rd. between St. Mary's Rd. a/ Schley Rd. 03/22/08 8:20 am. Item Stolen- Glass top range unknown make. Value-100.00
  Larceny reported 3311 New Sharon Ch.Rd. reported 03/22/08 8:20 am. Items stolen- set of Victor (brand) oxygen gauges a/ assorted hand tools. Value- 700.00
  Larceny 539 Locust St. off Faucette Mill Rd. off Hwy 70W. reported 03/20/08 11:05 am. Items stolen- 2 trailer frames approx 60' long,2 trailer axles,copper a/ aluminum. Value-1,200.00
  Attempt A break-in reported this date appro 12:30 pm. Rose Brier Place off Country Air Place off New Sharon Ch. Rd. in Fox Hill Farms.   Citzen reported neighbors alarm activating a/ saw a black male run from residence operating a dark green Chevy Taho SUV.Officers checked area a/ were unable to locate.  
  A break-in reported 6115 New Sharon Ch. Rd. between Guess Rd. a/ Hwy 57N. reported 03/21/08 1:19 pm. Items stolen- Berretta (brand) 22 cal. semi-auto handgun black in color a/ 500.00 cash. Value-600.00
  A break-in reported 4912 Guess Rd. between New Sharon Ch. Rd. a/ Hwy 57N. reported03/20/08 8:50 am. Items Stolen- Husqvarnia ( brand) 16",18" a/ 20 chainsaws orange in color. Echo (brand) backpack leaf blower, 2 weedeaters. Value-2,498.00  
  A break-in reported 2810 Hawkins Rd. between Little River Ch. Rd. a/ Walnut Grove Ch.Rd. reported 03/20/08 Items stolen- Men a/ Women's jewelry. Value- 9,100.00
  Larceny 202 Lancaster Rd. off Hwy 70W. reported 03/22/08 10:50 am. Item stolen- lawn mower battery. Value-25.00
  A break-in 6317 Hwy 86S. south of Mt. Sinai Rd. reported 03/21/08:29 pm. Items stolen-100 assorted DVD's, assorted hand tools. Value-1,530.00
  A break-in reported 200 Ridgewood Rd. off Damascus Ch. Rd. off Jones Ferry Rd. reported 03/22/08 11:54 am Item stolen- Pro View (brand) 32" T.V. Value-1,000.00
  A break-in to business Gates U-Haul corner of Hwy54W. a/ Neville Rd. reported 03/20/08 8:29 am. Item stolen- 10.00 in coins
  Larceny 2807 Orange Clover Garden Ch.Rd. between Morrow Mill Rd a/ Old Greensboro Hwy. reported Item stolen Tomahawk ( brand) chipper/ shredder. Value- 1,000.00


Please note that some incidents that are reported to our agency, the victim may have signed a waiver for the incident
not to be released to the media and the public. Therefore those incidents are not listed on this website.
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