Art Policy


The Orange County Public Library invites artists from the surrounding area to display their artwork at the Main Library in Hillsborough.

Policy Statement

The Main Library maintains a calendar to display artwork from area schools, emerging and experienced artists. The Orange County Public Library provides hanging hardware for use in displaying artwork. Neither the library nor the county is liable for any damage to artwork displayed on library property.

Art Shows at the Main Library

Any artist or art organization may contact the library’s art program coordinator to see if space is available for showing two-dimensional works of art. The timeframe of a show as well as the type and number of works shown is up to the discretion of library art program coordinator. 

We ask that you contact the art program coordinator at least four (4) months in advance of your desired timeframe.

Artwork Requirements

The library welcomes two-dimensional works of art for display. All works must be

  • Original, handcrafted by the artist(s), suitably framed or prepared for hanging. The library does not allow artwork to be taped or tacked to its walls 
  • Stable enough to withstand handling. Note: The library cannot guarantee that artwork will not be touched
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Labeled for display by the artist(s) or representative for the artist(s). Labels can be placed on the library’s hanging system, or on the wall with pre-approved painter’s tape. Any wall damage is the responsibility of the artist or organization displaying artwork at the Main Library
  • Installed and removed by the artist(s) or representative for the artist(s)


The art program coordinator will work with the artist to determine

  • Dates for installing and removing the show
  • Installation locations within the library
  • Publicity for the show

Sale of Artwork

 The artist(s) may elect to sell his or her artwork

  • All transactions are between the artist and the buyer, with no commission being sought by the library
  • The artist(s) must provide promotional documentation, contact information, and pricing information at his or her expense
  • Artwork sold during the exhibition must remain at the library until the end of the show
  • The library will not handle sales of artwork

Publicity Options

The library will promote art shows using a mix of the following:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • The library’s e-newsletter(s)
  • The library’s online event calendar

Note: The library’s art program coordinator will decide which promotional activities will take place for a given show. The library strongly encourages the artist(s) to promote the show to his/her network, to the press, etc.

The Library Director is the final authority with regards to enforcing this policy. 

Revised April 2022