Stormwater & Drainage System Maintenance

There are easy, proactive, steps property owners can take to address and even abate potential flooding risks. Here are some steps local property owners can take to not only help themselves but others within identified floodplain areas:

Illegal Dumping

Do not dump or throw anything into ditches or streams. Dumping grass clippings, leaves, trash, yard debris, etc. can accumulate and plug ditches, culverts, and channels thereby increasing the risk of flooding during storm events as rain water will have nowhere to go. The dumping of this material could also put you in violation of several County regulations and subject you to enforcement action. You are encouraged to keep any ditch on your property clear of brush and debris to avoid unnecessary flooding during a storm event.

Property Alterations

Always check with the Planning Department before you build on, alter re-grade, or add fill material to your property. Not only are permits typically required for such activities, staff liked to review the potential said impacts can have with respect to increasing a properties susceptibility to inundation by flood waters.

Additional Information

If you witness dumping of materials into a stream or drainage ditch, or if you need assistance in reviewing a development project on your property, please call the Planning Department at: 919-245-2575.