Floodplain Management

Please know that having property located in or near an identified flood zone or more specifically a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) does not inherently mean you cannot develop your property. There are steps you can take to mitigate your risk and, at the same time, ensure compliance with applicable flood regulations.

County Staff

County planning staff can assist you determine where floodplains are located on your property and provide basic mapping services to delineate them. While this service does not take the place of procuring a professionally prepared site plan where a surveyor formally delineates floodplains on your property, staff can provide vital information such as the depth of anticipated flood waters and the location of any structure with respect to its proximity to identified floodplains.

The County has made available a variety of documents on existing flood data as well as guidelines and flood protection methods for you to review in several convenient locations including:

  • The Orange County Public Library - Hillsborough Branch on Margaret Lane
  • The County Planning office located on the second floor of the West Campus Office building at 131 West Margaret Lane in downtown Hillsborough
  • This website

Consult the Planning Department

If you are thinking about engaging in land disturbing activity on your property for any reason (i.e. building a new structure, grading, removing trees, etc.) you should first consult the Planning Department to understand what issues, if any, the project may create. Staff will be more than happy to schedule a formal meeting with you, on site, to discuss specific flood issues associated with your property and identify opportunities to correct or prevent flood damage.

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