The Pauli Murray Award

CapturepmEstablished in 1990, the Pauli Murray Award commemorates the life of the late Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray (1910-1985), a distinguished and remarkable person who confronted discrimination, racism, and sexism in her own life.  

The Pauli Murray Award is presented annually by the Orange County Human Relations Commission to an Orange County youth, an Orange County adult, and an Orange County business that have served the community with distinction in the pursuit of equality, justice, and human rights for all residents.  Click here for information on the most recent and upcoming Pauli Murray Awards event.

30th Annual Pauli Murray Awards

The 30th Annual Pauli Murray Awards will be held on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 3:00-5:00 pm at the Whitted Building, located at 300 W. Tryon St. in Hillsborough. 


Nominations for an Orange County youth, adult, or business can be submitted using the form below. Criteria and requirements for nominations are detailed on the form. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, December 31, 2019 at 5:00 pm EST. 

2020 Student Video Contest

BACKGROUND: The Orange County Human Relations Commission (HRC) offers students in Orange County, NC an opportunity to be involved in Human Relations Month, recognized annually in February.  Students are asked to participate in a contest on a specific topic chosen by the HRC related to equality and social justice.

ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to all students between the ages of 11 and 23 years of age in Orange County. Each entry must be an original work and be accompanied by an official student video contest entry form. Students may be enrolled part or full-time.

TOPIC: The Orange County Human Relations Commission salutes Dr. Pauli Murray. As a human rights activist, Murray is recognized nationally as a champion for racial and gender equity. Please consider the following in creation of your video for the 2020 Student Video Contest:

  1. What does the life of Pauli Murray mean to you? 
  2. Demonstrate your skills (art, dance, digital photo essay, narrative, poetry, reading, spoken word or other innovative explorations) that best represent the values of Pauli Murray.

Electronic submissions must be submitted to by Friday, January 3, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST. For more information on Video Requirements, Submission Instructions, and Entry Form, visit the form below:


Pauli Murray Award Winners

Year Youth Adult Business
1990 -- Louise Echols
Ralph Pendergraph
Rev. Tim Kimrey
1991 *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held
1992 *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held
1993 -- Charlotte Garth Adams --
1994 -- Midred Berkeley --
1995 -- Rebecca Clark --
1996 -- Allan "Lightning" Brown --
1997 Alicia Hermann (Keesling) Timothy Miles --
1998 Liala Edwards Hazel Lunsford --
1999 Danielle Brittany Price Aubrey Chris Nutter Weaver Street Market
2000 Jacquelyn Lynn Payne (Rogers) Bonnie B. Davis
Joe Herzenberg
Sports Endeavors
2001 Kristin Mattison Peter Richard Kramer Women's Workout Club
2002 Rachel McCook Shirley Marshall Carol Woods Retirement Community 
2003 Laura Williamson Mariah Ann McPherson Kelsey's Cafe
2004 -- Frances Finney --
2005 *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held
2006 -- Florence D. Soltys Balloons and Tunes
2007 -- Dorothy Johnson
Frances Jones
Fleet Feet Sports
2008 Camellia Lee Josephine Holman-Long Cliff's Meat Market
2009 Elizabeth McManus Robert L. Campbell DooR to DooR
2010 *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held *No Ceremony Held
2011 Joseph DeVito Maggie West Chapel Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare
2012 Emma Morris Crystal Fisher --
2013 Desaray Rockett Judith Blau Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe
2014 Emma Catanzaro Elizabeth "Binnie" Davis
Walter Faribault, Jr. 
Music Makers Relief Foundation
2015 Linnea Van Manen
Ruth George
Reyna Rivera
Deborah Stroman
2016 Korie Dean Flicka Bateman Mediterranean Deli
2017 Kenzi Patrick Mariela Hernandez --
2018 -- Lorie L. Clark Joe Van Gogh