Broadband Survey

Previously, there was a survey conducted where applicants answered questions based on their internet accessibility from where they lived, this helped to determine which areas of Orange County would benefit most from the broadband provider. These applicants ranged from Orange County staff, residents, and even included a representative from the North Carolina Information Technologies Services' Office of digital Infrastructure, as well as a survey methodologist from the UNC Chapel Hill H. W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science. The survey was also made public, so any Orange County resident that was dissatisfied with their current internet service was invited to complete the survey. In total, there were 1,303 valid responses spanning across 1,179 households.

Out of the 1,179 households, 1,117 of them reported having internet service at their Orange County residence, and 854 were dissatisfied with their internet service. 

The main reasons for the service dissatisfaction are as follows (households may fall under multiple categories):

  • Speed (737 households)
  • Reliability (556 households)
  • Cost (531 households)

Through the broadband initiative, the goal is to provide reliable internet service as well as to expand the current broadband service areas to include rural Orange County.

The statistics above were pulled from the survey results, you can find these results, and more details about the survey itself here.