Innovation Grants

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FSA is accepting applications for Innovation Grants. The deadline is January 28, 2019. The purpose is to fund great ideas in FSA zone elementary or middle schools. In order to receive this one-time grant of up to $2500, your idea must align with FSA goals:

Goal 1: Children are healthy and prepared for school.

Goal 2: Children and youth are healthy and succeed in school.

Goal 3: Youth graduate from high school and college.

Goal 4: Families and neighborhoods support the healthy development of children.

To learn more about FSA goals you may read the FSA Strategic Plan (English) / FSA Strategic Plan (Spanish).

If you would like to apply for an Innovation Grant fund contact Meredith McMonigle.

FSA Elementary and Middle Schools Include:

(You must complete the grant work in an FSA Zone school in order to receive funding.)

  • FSA Zone 4: New Hope Elementary, A. L. Stanback Middle School
  • FSA Zone 6: Northside Elementary, Carrboro Elementary, Frank Porter Graham Elementary, Culbreth Middle School

A Mindful Idea

One example of a great idea funded last year is a program to teach mindfulness practices to children in the Spanish Immersion class at FPG Bilingüe. Patricia Gimenez used the grant money to teach her bilingual kindergarten class how to calm themselves down, relax and be present. If a child is agitated or distracted it is difficult to learn. They did this by learning about their body, their mind and how to meditate.

Gimenez offered up a quote by Rechtschaffen to explain the purpose of the mindfulness work, “When we don’t offer students a healthy way to express their emotions we end up being perpetually frustrated by their behaviors. Honoring children just as they are with this kind of attention they grow to their fullest human potential.”

If you have questions about FSA Innovation Grants email Meredith McMonigle.

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