Risk Mitigation and Housing Displacement Fund

In an effort to: (1) encourage landlord participation in Orange County rental assistance and other subsidy programs, (2) assist with housing stabilization and mitigate displacement of low- and very low-income residents, and (3) prevent homelessness, the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) created the pilot Risk Mitigation and Housing Displacement Fund. The Fund, which is administered by the Orange County Department of Housing and Community Development Department (OCHCD), provides assistance in three activity areas:

  • Risk Mitigation (for landlords)
  • Emergency Housing Assistance (renter assistance for security deposits, utility connections, etc.)
  • Displacement Mitigation (due to an urgent community need such as manufactured home park closures and natural disasters)

The BOCC replenishes the fund annually to maintain $75,000 funding level (split across the three activity areas), based on availability of funds. 

Refer to the resources below for more information. For more information or to submit applications by email, contact HousingHelp@orangecountync.gov.