Healing Space


mindfulness Opens in new windowNational Museum of African-American History: Self Care:

We each bring our own beliefs, experiences, and feelings to our anti-racist work – a work that is difficult and demanding. Our ongoing commitment to actively think about and take action against racism, combined with a sense of urgency and deep caring, adds pressure and stress to our daily lives. The emotional impact of this work is real, therefore it is vital that we all practice “self-care” to benefit our overall health and quality of life.

8WaysToSupportSelf Opens in new windowGrief is a direct impact of racism: Eight ways to support yourself:

Grief is a direct result of racism and intersectional violence and it affects us physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, transnationally and transgenerationally. More importantly, not being able to fully engage in our grief is a direct outcome of chronic experiences of racist violence. This webpage lists eight self-care tips to support you and your loved ones on this cyclical healing journey.

Suicide Prevention

Healthy Caroliniansyoutube_screenshot Opens in new window of Orange County have hosted suicide prevention efforts. From 2013 to 2017, Orange County, North Carolina experienced 66 deaths related to suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 20 and 39 and is the forth leading cause of preventable death among those ages 40 to 64.


MH Opens in new window14 Organizations and People Working to Support BIPOC Mental Health During the Coronavirus Crisis:

The increased risk of dying from COVID-19 paired with limited access to testing resources leave BIPOC individuals to face the collective trauma of a pandemic with minimal relief or outlet. Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities report especially egregious pandemic-related health and economic outcomes. Right now it's more crucial than ever than BIPOC folks have access to the quality mental health care they deserve.

Liberate: Black Meditation App meditate_0

Liberate is the #1 meditation app for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community. Listen to dozens of guided meditations to ease anxiety, find gratitude, heal internalized racism and micro-aggressions and celebrate Blackness. For us, by us.

Bilingual Center for Mindfulness- Spanish language information of mindfulness and guided meditations:

TBilingual-logo2-72-dpi Opens in new windowhe Bilingual Center for Mindfulness started as an idea to create a place that could offer classes and workshops by certified instructors in either, English and Spanish. After several years of teaching at different institutions we decided to embark on this adventure. Our classes and courses are conducted and structured with the goal of benefiting the participants and enriching their experiences. Awareness of what we are experiencing fully and without judgment is empowering as well as a relief from the burden we carry in our minds and bodies every-day. Finding a space where we can just pause may be crucial to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


El Centro Bilingüe de Atención Plena/Mindfulness nace de la idea de crear un lugar donde se puedan ofrecer clases y talleres por instructores certificados en ambos idiomas; español e inglés. Después de trabajar en diferentes instituciones nos decidimos a llevar a cabo esta aventura. Nuestras clases y cursos están estructurados y son impartidos con el propósito de beneficiar a los estudiantes y enriquecer sus experiencias de vida. El tener una plena conciencia de lo que estamos experimentando sin juzgarlo nos fortalece y además nos aligera la carga que llevamos a diario en nuestras mentes y cuerpos. Encontrar un espacio donde podemos hacer una pausa puede ser crucial para nuestra salud física, emocional, mental y espiritual.