Thank you for your interest in resources that have been put together to help contractors prepare for the certification examination.  test guy

Practice quizzes and tests

These are randomly selected questions from a test bank created from construction manuals, current methods, Rules (NC and local standards), and continuing education from North Carolina and the NGWA.  Some of these tests are timed to give you practice with timed examinations.  You many take them repeated to practice as you need.  You may stop, save, and resume any test- a link will be provided to you to return to the exam.

Safety Questions 

Rules Questions

Water & Hydrogeology

Well Development 

Construction Standards 

Practice Quiz 1

Practice Quiz 2

Construction Questions only Exam 

Final Practice Exam

Resources for Studying

Rule .0301driller

Rule .0302

Rule .0303

Rule .0304

Rule .0305

Rule .0306

Rule .0307

Rule .0308

Rule .0309

2C Rules and Practice test for EHS- good practice on the Rules

NGWA Certification Success Guide w/ links

Chapter 27

Hole Plug Recommendations