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Reducing the harm of fentanyl

NPR Tested Podcast,  

Extremely potent substances like fentanyl and xylazine have flooded the illegal drug market, causing a major increase in overdose ER visits and deaths. Harm reduction policies could help reverse that trend.

This District Attorney is Fighting Crime - and Angering the Police

"Accumulating research in well-designed studies supports the idea, counterintuitive though it may seem, that prosecuting fewer people can actually reduce crime." 

By Emily Bazelon Feb 2, 2022


Michael Mueller-Smith, Kevin T. Schnepel, Diversion in the Criminal Justice System, The Review of Economic Studies, Volume 88, Issue 2, March 2021, Pages 883–936,

Augustine, E., Lacoe, J., Raphael, S. and Skog, A. (2022), The Impact of Felony Diversion in San Francisco. J. Pol. Anal. Manage..

To reduce drug crimes, send people to treatment instead of making arrests

By helping people get treatment and begin to rebuild their lives, deflection is a benefit to the individual, his or her family members and employer, and the community as a whole.

By Joel K. Johnson and Jac A. Charlier  Dec 9, 2021

The Judge Who Keeps People Out of Jail

In northern Mexico, a district court judge has a radical approach to addressing addiction.

By Ted Alcorn Nov. 30, 2021