Lost Pets

Reporting a Lost Pet

Before reporting a lost pet, please scroll down to the "Search For Your Lost Pet" section to try searching for your pet!

If you have lost your pet and do not see him/her listed in any of the links below that allow you to search for lost pets, please fill out the appropriate form below so that we have a report of the animal in question and can attempt to match it with animals either in the shelter or in someone’s care. Please include photos if possible (horizontal photos preferred). 

Your report will be listed in PetHarbor's public database which covers NC and other states. We will also manually enter your report into our shelter's database as soon as possible. If you cannot fill out this form online, please call 919-942-7387, option 2, for assistance. 

Search For Your Lost Pet

If you have lost a pet, please go to these links for pets that are currently being housed at our shelter:

Sometimes, people from the community find pets and hold them at their homes instead of bringing them into the Animal Services Center. We attempt to help connect those people and people missing pets in Orange County and nearby areas. If you believe one of these animals is your lost pet, please contact Animal Services (919-942-7387, option 2) so that we can help get you in touch with the other party.

If you have lost a pet, please also check these links to PetHarbor's public database for found pets. Listings for found pets may appear here more quickly. From here, reports may be entered manually into our shelter's database if a pet is in our area:

Do you think your lost pet may be at our shelter? Do you need assistance filing a lost or found report? Contact us at 919-942-7387, option 2. Please leave a message if the staff is not able to answer right away, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.