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- Planning and Zoning
- Residential and Commercial Building
- Erosion Control, Stormwater, and Engineering
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Applications, Forms, and Submittal Materials
The following applications can be submitted in-person at the Orange County Planning and Inspections Department or via email. For questions regarding applications and submittal process, please contact staff here
- Building permit applications can be submitted to
- Planning, Zoning, Erosion Control, and Stormwater applications can be submitted to
Zoning Report Information 
Complaint and/or Inquiry Form
Building Inspections
Submittal Materials/Forms 
Information Materials
Erosion Control and Stormwater
Surface Water Identification (SWID) Request Form
Stream Buffer Authorization Certificate Application
Land Disturbing Permit (LDP) Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) Application
Sworn Declaration of Exemption for Farm Related Land Disturbing Activities
Waiver of Erosion Control Permit, Fees, and Pre-Approval Requirements for Land Disturbing Activities Totaling Less Than 10,000 Square Feet
Declaration of Impervious Surface Transfer
NCDEQ Financial Responsibility 
NCDEQ Self-Monitoring 
Floodplain Management
Flood Development Permit Application
Planning and Zoning
Bona Fide Farms
Minor Expedited Subdivision
Minor (Regulated) Subdivision
Major Subdivision
Residential Zoning Compliance Permit (ZCP)
Non-Residential Zoning Compliance Permit (ZCP) (site plan submittal)
Minor Home Occupation
Special Events and Rural Special Events
Special Use Permit
Appeal of Interpretation and Variance
Zoning Atlas Amendments (Conventional District and Conditional District Rezonings) 
Conventional Rezoning
Conditional Rezoning
Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Text Amendment
Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Element Text and Map Amendment 
Telecommunication Towers
Performance Bond Requests
Environmental Assessment
Additional Resources 
- Orange County Preferred Plant List
- Road Naming and Addressing Ordinance Information
- Courtesy Documents (not to be considered a recommendation/endorsement)