Intro to SizeUp

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Entrepreneurs can use the free software to estimate the viability of their future or current business and test assumptions of their business plan. In addition, they can use the software to discover potential customers, find local suppliers, and optimize their marketing by targeting ideal customers.

SizeUp Orange County provides powerful market research and business intelligence that is both industry specific and hyperlocal. It includes the same and similar data that is used by huge corporations, but which has been historically inaccessible to small businesses because of the cost and expertise required to analyze data. SizeUp Orange County helps to level the business playing field by empowering our local entrepreneurs and small businesses with these data insights at no cost to them so that they can make data-driven decisions just like the biggest companies. 

SizeUp helps Orange County businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them industry data analysis that empowers them to: 

  • Discover potential customers and suppliers to grow their business. 
  • Optimize advertising and marketing to ideal customers. 
  • Analyze the characteristics and spending of consumers in the area. 
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs can validate or reject their assumptions about the future business performance based on objective industry data. 
  • Existing businesses can rank their industry performance across multiple measurements. 

The software powering the SizeUp Orange County won the 1st Place award from the United States Department of Commerce for a business app that helps American businesses be more competitive, improve their success, foster prosperity, and create more jobs. 

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