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Healthy Carolinians of Orange County Committees 

Health Behaviors Committee

The Health Behaviors Committee is working towards having "all Orange County supporting safe and responsible alcohol use" and by 2024, this committee will work towards:

  • Assessing the distribution of on premise and off premise alcohol outlets in Orange County.
  • Assessing whether local alcohol outlets follow and comply with Orange County's regulated alcohol requirements and laws.
  • Creating and influencing local ordinances and policies to prevent alcohol outlets from being located near youth-related venues (i.e., schools, playground) or over-concentrated in certain areas (i.e., low-income neighborhoods, communities of color).

Health Equity Council

The Health Equity Council (HEC) is working towards "all members of the Orange County Community have meaningful access to resources and supports to define, maintain, and improve their physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing." By 2024, HEC will work towards:

  • Establishing an information exchange of current equity efforts and resources in Orange County.
  • Curating tool-kits and spaces to facilitate starter conversations regarding health equity for community businesses, agencies, and organizations.
  • Researching and selecting community curriculums that impact understanding of health equity for community organizations, businesses, agencies, members, etc.
  • Raising awareness of health equity in Orange County through artistic expression. 
  • Engaging the community to inform the One Orange Racial Equity Index.
  • Acknowledging health inequities and advocate for systemic policy change for improved health outcomes.
  • Identifying opportunities to vaccinate people of color, historically marginalized and vulnerable populations.