Food Trucks (Mobile Food Units) & Push Carts

Food trucks are known as mobile food units. Push carts are stand alone units that sell hot dogs and, under very specific circumstances, other packaged items.

Mobile food units and push carts must act in coordination with a permitted establishment, known as a commissary. Please read the information in the Application (PDF) and the rules carefully.


15A NCAC 18A. 2600 Rules for Mobile Food Unit or Push Cart (PDF)

Food Truck & Push Cart FAQs

Can an individual sell food from a roadside stand?
Individuals can sell food from an approved food truck if they have a mobile food unit permit from the Health Department and zoning approval from the town or county (as applicable).

Are mobile food units and pushcarts required to have an inspection and post a grade card?
Mobile Food units and pushcarts are permitted and inspected by the Health Department and must display a grade card.

Where can I find the rules for mobile food stands and pushcarts?
Food service is regulated by the North Carolina Food Code. Additionally specific requirements for Mobile food Units and Pushcarts can be found in sections .2670 through .2672 of the 15A NCAC 1800 Rules Governing the Food protection and Sanitation of Food Establishments.

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