Purchasing Division

Finance and Administrative Services is charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with state law in the area of purchasing as well as ensuring the county receives quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost. In conjunction with user departments, purchasing and central services attempts to seek competitive prices and proposals for as many goods and services as possible, even if the amounts involved are under the state legal requirements for bidding.

To this end, where possible and feasible, the acquisition of the competitive prices and/or proposals should be applied to the following:

  • All supplies, materials and equipment
  • All service contracts, including repair and maintenance contracts
  • All professional service contracts
  • All construction or repair work.


Furthermore, it is the county policy that specifications be written in such a way as to encourage competitive bidding. It is the Purchasing Division’s responsibility to see that no prospective bidder is arbitrarily excluded by unreasonable specifications and to solicit bids from as many prospective bidders as possible.