The Orange County Solid Waste Management Department operates the Orange County Integrated Solid Waste Management facility which contains the Construction and Demolition Landfill, Regulated Material Recycling, and Mulch and Compost Sales. The Department also manages five Solid Waste and Recycling Centers, including two with Household Hazardous Waste and Food Waste drop-offs, and the County’s comprehensive Recycling Collection Programs for residential and commercial entities.

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Solid Waste honored for Recycling Stars Program

The Southeast Recycling Development Council awarded Orange County Solid Waste the Public Recycling Champion Award for its Recycling Stars initiative. The program educates residents on the materials acceptable in curbside carts and which materials should be otherwise disposed of. The program has improved 59 percent of inspected curbside recycling carts to date. Visit the Orange County Recycling Stars Program webpage for more information.

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Road to Zero Waste Master Plan Update

ZERO WASTE PLAN UPDATE SQUARE Opens in new windowThe Road to Zero Waste Master Plan draft proposal and presentation delivered at the Solid Waste Advisory Group (SWAG) meeting, held on Sept. 18, 2023, are now available on the Road to Zero Waste (Master Plan) webpage at

Recycling Collection Calendar


New 'Orange County NC Recycles' App

Orange County Solid Waste has a new app called “Orange County NC Recycles” to assist residents with waste disposal and recycling collection information. Through the app, residents can view their curbside recycling collection calendar and receive reminders to put out their cart. Reminders are available through ticon-iOS OCNCext, email, or phone notifications, calendar reminders, and automated phone calls.

The app is equipped with a material search tool, in which users can look up specific items and learn how to dispose of them properly. The search tool is a great way to help residents improve the quality and quantity of recycling in the County. A separate tab for the Waste and Recycling Centers provides each centers’ location, hours of operation, and available disposal streams.  

Additionally, users can configure notifications to receive urgent alerts, such as inclement weather closures or delays, and information on new Solid Waste events and programs.

Stay up to date with Orange County Solid Waste by downloading the free app. Search "Orange County NC Recycles," in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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