Payment Assistance

The following options are available to assist with real and personal property taxes payments. 

Note: registered motor vehicle bills are not included in these payment options.

Pre-payment Program

The Pre-payment Program is a voluntary program in which a citizen is given an estimate of a tax bill and is allowed to pay prior to the creation of the tax bill. The taxpayer can choose when and how much to pay before the actual bill is due. The taxpayer must notify the tax office each year that he wishes to participate in the program. All prior years taxes must be paid in full. 

**Please note pre-payments are non-refundable.

Bank Draft Program

This program allows taxes to be paid through a monthly bank draft prior to the bill becoming delinquent. Initially the taxpayer must apply in person at the Tax Office in Hillsborough. A new application must be submitted each year to participate. Print the Bank Draft Application (PDF).

Post-Billing Payment Plan

This plan is provided to assist with payments after the current year tax bills have been issued. The Tax Office will work with citizens to establish a payment plan of periodic payments to insure that the bill is paid in full before the delinquent date (after January 5th).