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Duties of a County Commissioner

Counties in North Carolina are governed by an elected board of county commissioners. In Orange County, commissioners serve four-year terms. The Board of County Commissioners have many duties and authorities, including:

  • Adopting the county's annual budget by June 30 of each year
  • Establishing the annual property tax rate
  • Appointing the county manager, county clerk, county attorney and tax administrator
  • Appointing various officials and representatives to advisory boards and commissions
  • Providing funding for construction of public school facilities for both public school systems in the county
  • Determining level of local current expense funding for both public school systems in the county (Orange County ranked Number 1 in the state in local per pupil funding for 2015 to 2016 year)
  • Regulating land-use and zoning outside municipal boundaries
  • Providing for safety and welfare of all Orange County residents
  • Long-range planning for county needs (Capital Investment Plan)
  • Enacting local ordinances
  • Calling for bond referenda
  • Entering into contracts
  • Establishing new programs and departments
  • Serve as liaisons to local, state and federal boards and commissions