If I am placed on the Wait List through the lottery what do I do next?

You will receive a letter indicating you were selected to be placed on the OC-LRSP Waiting List. Prospects are required to update all address changes via the OCHA   Applicant Portal. Prospects are also required to respond to requests from OCHA to update information on their application. Failure to respond by the specified deadline will result in withdrawal of the application without further notice. Therefore, it is very important that prospects access and check the OCHA Applicant Portal regularly.

All contact made with prospects will be by mail or email. If the prospect fails to have his/her mail forwarded, and there are no address changes on file with the local post office, the OCHA may withdraw the prospect’s name from the Waiting List if there is no response within 10 days.

The prospect will be notified in writing that they have reached the top of the Waiting List. At this time, the prospect will be required to provide information on their income and family composition to verify their eligibility for the program.  Note that the initial selection process will not begin until mid-to-late August 2019.

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1. If I am placed on the Wait List through the lottery what do I do next?
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