When does the revaluation take effect?

Typical countywide revaluations take between 18 - 24 months to complete. Staff of the Orange County Tax Office has been reviewing market sales, compiling studies and maintaining a list of current tax base inventory during this revaluation effective, January 01, 2017. Tax office appraisers began reviewing all properties for the 2017 revaluation in mid-2014. The resulting values are now effective January 01, 2017. Real property tax bills mailed in July, 2017 will reflect the new revaluation tax assessment.

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1. What is a revaluation?
2. Why have a revaluation?
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4. Why appraise at market value?
5. When does the revaluation take effect?
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7. When can I find out my new tax assessment?
8. Will my taxes change as a result of revaluation?
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