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COVID signage

  1. Which signs do you need?

    Please indicate which signs you need. Let us know the quantity in the comments below. Examples of some signs are shown.

  2. Handwashing flyer-English/Spanish or Mandarin (8.5x11)

  3. The 3 Ws (Wear, Wait, Wash) flyer (8.5x11)
    3 Ws graphic

  4. Six feet apart poster-English/Spanish

  5. Floor decal for social distancing

    Final design TBD

  6. Please indicate how many of each sign you need and whether or not you need the signs laminated. Lamination can be provided for signs up to 11x17.

  7. Floor stand sign holder
    sign holder graphic

    Can hold posters up to 11x17. Comes with clear insert. $60 apiece. Mut be ordered.

  8. Acryllic tabletop display
    acryllic sign stand graphic

    Can hold 8.5x11 papers (11x17 can be ordered if needed)

  9. Please indicate how many of the floor stands or acryllic holders needed.

  10. Are there any other materials you need? Please list.

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