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Public Records Request

  1. Orange County Public Records Request Form

    Please fill out this form when requesting public records from Orange County Government. If you need court or criminal records, including divorce decrees or information for a criminal background check, you will have to reach out to the Orange County Clerk of Court at (919) 644-4500 or the Sheriff's Office at (919) 245-2900. Orange County Government does not maintain those records. If you are requesting records from Orange County Animal Services, please visit their website at:

  2. Please provide a description of the records you are requesting. If you select "other" for the department, please indicate which department you feel would be able to accomodate this request.
  3. Terms and Conditions*
    Clicking the box below acknowledges I have read the Orange County Public Records policy and understand that I may be charged a fee for the reproduction of the records if the estimated cost is greater than $25. The fee must be paid before the records will be provided.
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