Proposed Budget Amendments

Amendments to the Manager Recommended Budget

Each spring, the County Manager presents a Recommended Annual Operating Budget and Capital Investment Plan to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). In considering the Recommended Budget, the BOCC conducts multiple public hearings and budget work sessions. During these sessions, Commissioners and staff may propose to amend the budget as it was presented by the Manager.

Amendments to the Recommended Budget are subsequently voted on by the BOCC at the last work session prior to anticipated budget adoption. A final budget is approved by the BOCC each June.

Below is a list of proposed amendments to the Manager's Recommended FY 2023-24 Budget. Amendments that pass are subsequently incorporated into the full budget proposal to be considered for passage by the BOCC.

Note: Please note these amendments pertain only to the next fiscal year's Manager Recommended Budget proposal. For amendments to the current fiscal year's Commissioner Approved Budget, please review adopted Budget Amendments in the Ordinances section of BOCC's document management portal.

FY 2023-24 Proposed Commissioner and Staff Amendments to the Manager Recommended Annual Operating Budget

Amdmnt. Sponsor Budget page Department Description Revenue Expense General Fund Vote
23-24-OPER-001 Bedford 191 Library-non-departmental
Add funding to Town of Chapel Hill library
$0 $85,000 $85,000  
23-24-OPER-002 Bedford 67 Asset Management Services Utilize County Capital Reserve to perform Efland Cheeks Community Center Feasibility Study $6,000 $6,000 $0  
23-24-OPER-003 Bedford 165 Housing Provide additional funding for IFC's Permanent Supportive Housing program. Supported by .07 cent tax increase $158,059 $150,000 ($8,059)  
23-24-OPER-004 Richards 114 Criminal Justice Resource Create OC Build Pilot Program, conditional on receiving offsetting revenue from ABC Board ($70k) and ToCH Police Dept. ($20k) $90,000 $90,000 $0  
23-24-OPER-005 Hamilton 224 Sportsplex Have Sportsplex pay back 20% of pandemic recovery funding to General Fund $158,000 $0 ($158,000)  
23-24-OPER-005 Hamilton 224 Sportsplex Reduce tax rate by .07 cents ($158,059) $0 $158,059  
23-24-OPER-006 Hamilton 224 Visitor's Bureau Have Visitors Bureau pay back 20% of pandemic recovery funding to General Fund. $112,000 $0 ($112,000)  
23-24-OPER-006 Hamilton 224 Visitor's Bureau Reduce tax rate by .05 cents ($112,890) $0 $112,890  
23-24-OPER-007 Hamilton 64 Article 46 Cut $20,000 in Article 46 funding for Durham Tech Innovation Hub, reallocated to County Economic Development pool. $0 $0 $0  
23-24-OPER-008 Fowler 299 Policies (current policy linked underneath table) Return Fund Balance Policy to 2017 version to be discussed further in Fall $0 $0 $0  
23-24-OPER-009 Bedford N/A Policies (current policy linked underneath table) Amend the Outside Agency Funding Policy to remove funding target $0 $0 $0  
23-24-OPER-010 Staff 212 Social Services Add 50% offsetting revenue for new DSS Community Technician FTEs. $37,490 $0 ($37,490)  
23-24-OPER-011 Staff 113 Courts Add One-Time County Capital to offset badge readers/security upgrades $20,000 $0 ($20,000)  
23-24-OPER-012 Staff 189 Human Services non-departmental Reduce funding to Social Justice Reserve Fund to balance budget $0 ($20,400 ($20,400)  
Total change from recommended budget         $310,600 $310,600 $0  

Policies mentioned in budget amendments

FY 2023-24 Amendments to the Manager Recommended Capital Investment Plan

List of proposed amendments to the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Budget. This is a working list and will be updated as new amendments are proposed.
Amdmnt. Sponsor CIP Budget Page Department Amendment Revenue Expense Vote
23-24-CIP-001 Bedford 114 School Capital Change Policy for allocation of Article 46 proceeds to school district by excluding Charter Students in formula. This provides CHCCS an additional $75,543 in funding for technology capital expenses, and reduces OCS's funding by the same amount. $0 $0  
23-24-CIP-002 Greene 35 Housing Bring forward $5M funding for Affordable Housing project from year 2 (FY 2024-25) to year 1 (FY 2023-24) $5,000,000 $5,000,000  
Total         $5,000,000 $5,000,000