Kimberley Wood, BS, SW

Southern Human Services Center
Title: Care Management
Kimberley Wood

Locations Where I Work
  • Southern Human Services Clinic in Chapel Hill, Patient Homes
Areas of Focus
  • Care Management - CC4C, Children 0 to 5 years of age
About Me
Having a support system is so important to us all. Being a source of support to the families I serve means that parents know there is someone they can turn to when their children are in need-from helping navigate the system to lending an ear-care management can be "just what the doctor ordered." We must never forget that each and every one of us is only a knock away from being on the other side of that door - this is why I do what I do.

I enjoy spending time with my awesome family, cooking, and traveling.

Languages I Speak
  • English, Spanish, Papiamento, knowledge of Dutch
Training / Education / Certification
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice - City University of New York, Bachelor's in Correctional Studies

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