Salvage Sheds

Reuse is better than recycling! For used but operational, functional, and clean items consider offering them for reuse at the Salvage Sheds located at Waste and Recycling Centers (except Bradshaw Quarry). All items left at the Salvage Sheds must be clean and in working condition

REMEMBER: Limit one visit per day, no more than 10 minutes per visit.

Below are examples of items that are accepted:
(all items must be operational, functional and clean)

  • Small appliances (in working condition)
  • Kitchenware (silverware, Tupperware, and non-breakable plates, mugs and cups)
  • Books and magazines
  • Electronics (in working condition)
  • Small, non-upholstered furniture
  • Small sports equipment (no large items such as treadmills, and no helmets)
  • Toys (no stuffed animals)

Clothing and shoes can be donated in the bins next to the Salvage Shed (at Eubanks Rd. and Walnut Grove Church Rd. only). Clothing and shoe donations must be bagged, clean and odor free. You can also donate to any local thrift store.

Do NOT leave:

  • Household construction & demolition waste such as toilets and bathroom sinks
  • Pillows, bedding and bed-related items
  • Mirrors
  • Pane glass
  • Pianos
  • Large furniture (no more than 100 pounds)
  • Textiles such as rugs and carpets
  • Food
  • Perishable items

When in doubt, ask an attendant

Additional Rules:

  • No disassembly of items for scrap metal
  • No styrofoam, bubble wrap or other packaging waste 
  • No paint or household hazardous waste
  • Center operator has the final say on item acceptability
  • Center operator has the discretion to ask those disrupting the Center operations to leave
  • Residents must wait for items to be placed in the Salvage Shed. No approaching others' vehicles.