Soil & Water Conservation District

The Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District offers technical, financial and educational advice to Orange County landowners and operators. We provide technical consultation on erosion control and water quality issues on agricultural farmland and non-agricultural lands.

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NC Agriculture Cost Share Funds

July 22, 2022 The Orange Soil and Water Conservation District expects to receive its cost share allocation from the State for non-point source pollution control from agriculture activities in the next few weeks. 

These funds are available to improve water quality by assisting farmers in implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) which help decrease the amount of sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, animal waste, chemicals, and other pollutants entering the surface and ground waters of the State. 

Landowners and operators may apply for technical and cost share assistance to install BMPs such as animal waste storage facilities, mortality management systems, wells and watering troughs in conjunction with livestock exclusion fencing from streams, heavy use areas, animal trails and stream crossings, closure of waste impoundments, cropland conversions, sod-based rotations, grassed waterways, field borders and diversions.

For a list of BMPs available and other cost share programs to improve water quality and enhance an agriculture operation, please see our financial assistance page.

 An initial sign up will be held through August 19, 2022 for those landowners and operators wishing to request technical and cost share assistance on practices.

 Request for technical assistance will be provided throughout the year and cost share assistance for as long as funding is available.

 To apply for cost share assistance and other agricultural funding programs, please contact Kenny Ray, Todd Roberts or Jessica Perrin at (919) 245-2750.   

Annual Poster Contest 2023 Contest coming soon - The contest is open to all children in 3rd - 6th grade in Orange County. You can find all of the information here or contact our office by phone  919-245-2750 or email 

Orange Soil and Water Conservation is a Division of the Orange County Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks, and Recreation - DEAPR.

Additional Information

Visit our Department website for more information. 

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Agricultural Related Services

  • Animal Waste Management Plans
  • Conservation Assessment and Planning on Agricultural Lands
  • Nutrient Management Farm Plans
  • Riparian Restoration along streams
  • Sediment and Soil Erosion on Agricultural Lands
  • Stream Bank Stabilization/Stream Protection Systems
  • Voluntary Agriculture Program and Farmland Preservation Program
  • Water Quality on Agricultural Lands

Additional Information

Agronomists, engineers, soil scientists, and other specialists from local, state, and federal agencies work closely with the Soil and Water Conservation District Staff to answer your questions. Please contact us with any questions.