Foster Opportunities

Fostering nursing moms and babies OR animals too young for adoption.

  • In this program, foster parents care for pets until they are big enough to return to the shelter and go onto the adoption floor. The majority of these pets are small kittens or moms with nursing kittens. However, we do occasionally need foster homes for puppies as well. Please go here to learn more about fostering kittens and to sign up for the program.

Medical Foster Program

  • This program is for animals that need to complete medical treatment before they can be adopted. In this program, the foster parent would have first rights to adopt their foster pet once treatment has been completed. 
  • Would you like to help animals in our medical foster program but you cannot currently foster? Consider donating to our GoFundMe Campaign to help with medical care for all shelter animals! These donations help with heartworm treatments for our dogs and many other medical issues. Without the help of medical care donations, animals with certain medical issues might be deemed unadoptable. Go here for more details: