Dog Day Out

Field trips are a great way to help dogs engage with the community, reduce kennel stress, and learn social skills. People can also learn more about a dog's behavior and personality away from the shelter. Field trips are fun, and field trips with dogs are better! Whether it’s a trip to Starbucks for a pup cup, a hike or a quiet nap on your couch – our dogs love to go on adventures with humans! Getting out of a kennel setting for a few hours, all day, or even for a sleepover helps our dogs stay happy, healthy, and ready for adoption. And it’s fun for the humans, too!

Do I have to be a current volunteer or foster with OCAS to participate? No! We love newcomers! We will meet you and walk you through the process.

What paperwork do I have to sign or fill out? We have a waiver and contract you will need to read and sign before your Field Trip. After that, each time you take a dog out you just have to let us know prior by email so we can approve the trip and make sure your canine friend is available. We’ll send you a welcome email including the process and send you the paperwork you need to complete via DocuSign prior to picking up your friend at the shelter.

Are there places I can’t go with an OCAS dog? Please do NOT take an OCAS dog to a dog park or any on campus housing. They see plenty of dogs anyway and would much rather do something different and exciting! Most importantly, it isn’t safe to manage an unfamiliar dog in the presence of other unfamiliar dogs. Dog parks are sometimes tense places for dogs, which leads to trouble.Other restrictions might apply for specific dogs, and we’ll tell you about restrictions for the specific animal in our email! 

Can I take a dog for a Dog Day Out with my dog? We recommend keeping the Dog Day Out dog separate from your dogs if doing the field trip in your home. As well as not bringing your dog along on the field trips, keeping them separated.

Where do I pick up my Dog Day Out dog? At our shelter facility in Chapel Hill. Our shelter is located at 1601 Eubanks Road, Chapel Hill NC; visitors may park in the lot by our building

Are there specific pickup/drop-off times? Yes, dogs can be picked up between 9:30AM-11AM Monday through Saturday. Drop-off time will be coordinated at pick-up time. The latest drop-off time is 4:30pm. You’ll be able to do a Dog Day Out trip any day of the week (except Sundays)!

Can you provide a crate for transporting my Dog Day Out buddy? We sure can. We can loan out a crate, dog bowls, snacks, poop bags, a harness, etc. for your doggie field trip.

Have other questions? Email Please understand that it may take more time than expected for a response due to the high number of email inquiries received. Thank you!

Share Your Dog Day Out Trip Photos and Stories: 

We love seeing photos of our dogs out having fun and hearing about their Dog Day Out trip. After your adventure, fill out the form on our page so we are able to post them to social media or include them in pet listings online. Receiving doggie field trip photos and stories helps us update dog profiles and provide more information to potential adopters!

Long-term Foster: 

If you’re interested in becoming a long-term foster for one of the dogs at the shelter, consider joining our foster program.