How To Help

There are some great ways to help even if you can't volunteer at the shelter!...

1.  Make cat and dog treats! Find simple recipes online. Pets often like recipes with peanut butter,  pumpkin, honey etc. If you make treats for our shelter pets, please give us a list of ingredients just in case we have pets with allergies that should avoid them. Here's a fun recipe for dog treats, provided by Girl Scout Troop 1808 A: Dog Treat Recipe.

2.  Make simple toys! Use pet-friendly materials for our shelter pets. You can find instructions online. For example, cats like bright strips of ribbons looped over shower curtain rings and paper towel or toilet paper rolls cut and colored in designs. Dogs like large braided rope toys and new or used tennis balls in old socks knotted so the ball doesn't get out.

An amazing group of girl scouts decided to help shelter animals by making some of these items. Check out these informative tips (including some links to videos) that they compiled in order to help others:

GS Troop 4218 Summer 2021 Bronze Award Project 1 (2)
GS Troop 4218 Summer 2021 Bronze Award Project 1