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Request for Voucher Extension

  1. Enter HCV voucher holder's name.

  2. Enter the email address of voucher holder.

  3. Enter the address where the voucher holder will receive mail.

  4. Enter state initials.

  5. Enter a contact phone number.

  6. Per the Orange County Housing Authority's Administrative Plan:
    • It is necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a person with disabilities.
    • It is necessary due to reasons beyond the family's control, as determined by Orange County Housing Authority (OCHA). Following is a list of extenuating circumstances that OCHA may consider in making its decision. The presence of the circumstances does not guarantee that an extension will be granted.
      • Serious illness or death in the family;
      • Obstacles due to employment;
      • Whether the family has already submitted Requests for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) that were not approved by OCHA;
      • Whether the family size or other special requirements make finding a unit difficult;  or 
      • Other similar circumstances identified by OCHA.
  7. Give a brief explanation of why you have not located a suitable unit. 

  8. Enter the date your voucher was issued to you.

  9. Enter the date your voucher expires.

  10. Enter your voucher extension expiration date.

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