Publications and Resources

Orange County Project EngAGE Senior Resource Team resources and publications:

Caregiver Support Resource Guide (PDF)
This guide was created in order to better support caregivers in Orange County, NC. It was created by caregivers for caregivers. All of the resources in the guide were submitted and vetted by caregivers in Orange County. Because of this, the guide may not include all caregiver resources in Orange County. However, the resources in this guide have been highly recommended by caregivers and are considered “tried-and-true.” The goal of the guide is to enable caregivers to provide the best possible care for their loved one(s) and themselves.

Faith and Senior Nutrition Guidebook (PDF)
This guide is a cooperative effort between the Orange County Department of Aging Project Engage Senior Resource Team, and members of the Orange County faith community. Together, they seek solutions to the nutritional challenges experienced by Orange County older adults intending to age in place. The guide identifies some of the difficulties, describes available services, and provides guidance and inspiration to faith and community based organizations interested in incorporating senior nutrition into their care and compassion ministries.

Mental Wellness Resource Guide (PDF)
This guide is designed to help individuals and their caretakers identify and access currently available mental health services in Orange County, NC. It includes a compilation of available mental health services in the County, including non-profit, university-affiliated, and hospital-based groups. Mental health clinics or organizations that provide therapy, treatment, and/or support groups are also included in the guide.

Neighborhood Connections: Creating Community and Aging in Place (PDF)
The document provides interested neighborhoods and communities with a framework for creating their own aging in place groups. In writing this Guide, the Project EngAGE Neighborhood Connections Senior Resource Team aims to assist neighborhoods in fostering a vibrant and engaging quality of life for seniors. The team hopes to build trusted and reciprocal relationships through social engagement, education, practical support and assistance. The Neighborhood Connections team is available to consult with individuals and groups interested in creating their own community groups.

Supplemental Advanced Directive for Dementia Care (SAAD) (PDF)
Final Exit Network’s Supplemental Advance Directive for Dementia Care (SADD) is available for individuals to use. But please remember that this directive is not for everybody. It is only for relatively knowledgeable users of advance directives, those who have given plenty of thought to this issue and who have made up their minds: they would choose self-deliverance by VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking) over being spoon fed for years after they cannot or would not otherwise eat.

Tips for Caregivers from Caregivers (PDF)
This publication provides the top ten tips experienced caregivers would give to new caregivers in their own words. It is meant to be an accessible document with quick takeaways for anyone who may find themselves in a caregiving position.