Hillsborough East:

Precinct boundary description:

Starting at the intersection of St. Mary’s and Lawrence Rd. and following the center line of Lawrence Rd. south to its intersection with Old N. C. 10. Then following Old N. C. 10 east to its intersection with Joseph Mary Ct. then following the center line of Joseph Mary Ct. to its intersection with the N. C. Rail Road. Then following the center line of the N. C. Rail Road west to its intersection with I-85. Then following the center line of I-85 west to its crossing of Orange Grove Rd. then following the center line of Orange Grove Rd. north to its intersection with Exchange Park Lane. Then following the center line of Exchange Park Lane north to its crossing of the Eno River. Then following the Eno River downstream to the inlet of Corbin Creek. Then following Corbin Creek upstream to the dam of the pond at “Montrose” and following the east shore of the pond to St. Mary’s Rd. Then following the center line of St. Mary’s Rd. northeasterly to its intersection with Lawrence Rd.


  • Rapidly expanding area with addition of Fiori Hills and Daniel Boone Village adding a potential 2000 voters
  • Alleviate traffic from downtown Hillsborough
  • Churton Grove neighborhood is currently split between two precincts; will allow the neighborhood to be in one precinct
  • Town of Hillsborough municipal lines will be removed from Cameron Park precinct, resulting in one less open precinct in municipal elections
  • Allows for the tweaking of existing, surrounding precinct lines to keep neighborhoods contiguous
  • Precinct lines will no longer cut through homes and determining domicile for voting purposes will be more efficient
PrecinctRegistered voters being movedCurrent registered votersVoted EarlyVoted Election Day
West Hillsborough2262,610378*567*
Cameron Park7763,395596*854*
St. Mary's282,676399*963*
Grady Brown874,147521*873*
*Voter data from March 2016 Primary Election