Hazing Coyotes Before They Get Habituated

It is critical to avoid "habituating" a coyote by repeated exposure to people absent any negative consequences. If coyotes are attracted to a place or permitted to become "habituated," it may become necessary to consider using lethal force- something which ordinarily no one wants.

What to Do

People should frighten a coyote if they come into contact with it. This may be done in a variety of humane ways, including walking in larger numbers, purchasing or making noise makers and carrying them during walks, or by merely standing tall, waving arms and yelling at the coyote, approaching it if necessary, until it runs away. 

It is important to remember that one hazing session may not convince the coyote you are a threat. If you see the coyote again, continue to haze as you did before.


View important guidelines (PDF) on preventing coyotes from becoming habituated to humans and human areas.