Portability Information

Portability refers to the ability to relocate and select housing anywhere in the United States with continued rental assistance.


​The following information highlights the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our 'Port-In' procedures. This information should be used by voucher holders when transferring into our program from another housing authority. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who do I contact in order to request portability to your jurisdiction? ​You must first contact your present housing advisor or administrator located at your Initial Housing Authority (IHA). Once this occurs, be sure to follow-up with the initial HA to confirm your records were properly transferred to the Receiving Housing Authority (RHA). ​

Who does my initial Housing Authority send the paperwork to? ​Please have your information forward to: ​​          

​          Orange County Housing Authority​                    
​          ATTN: Housing Choice Voucher Program ​            
​          PO Box 8181 ​                           
​          Hillsborough, NC 27278 ​                           
​          Fax: (919) 644-3056 ​                            
​          Email: HCV@orangecountync.gov

How long is the port-in process? ​Generally, it takes six to eight weeks to complete the portability process. The portability processing time varies at each housing authority. However, the main factor that will delay the participant processing time is not receiving all the required portability documents from the Initial Housing Authority (IHA). ​

What required information is needed to transfer or port to another housing authority? ​​
​The required information includes but not limited to: ​           ​

​• A current HCV (HUD form 52646) signed by the participant and the IHA
​​• The HUD 52265 form - The IHA completes and sends Part I of this form    to the receiving PHA
​​• Income information that matches the HUF 50058 form​
​• A current Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) report ​

Are we accepting or absorbing voucher holders from other areas? ​The OCHA HCV Program is accepting port -Ins. We may absorb or administer incoming portable vouchers. If we elect to administer, the Initial Housing Authority will be billed upon the execution of a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract. ​

​What can I do to speed-up the port process?
Contact your Initial Housing Authority 3 to 4 business days after your information was forward to the OCHA to confirm if the documents were successfully forwarded. ​
If I need an extension of time, who do I contact? ​Contact your Initial HA for this request.
For example: Before your voucher expires, you must contact your initial HA for approval and to request an extension of time. The receiving PHA is required by regulation to inform the initial PHA of any extensions of the voucher term. ​

If I experience a setback during the process of relocating, who do I contact? You must contact your initial HA to inform them of the setback and seek their advice for proper action. ​

If I am undecided about where to relocate to North Carolina, what should I do? You must first decide on the (North Carolina) county of choice and make sure our agency service the area. ​

Do I qualify for the same number of bedrooms that I have at my initial Housing Authority? ​Each Housing Authority has different methods of calculating subsidy standards, which is the number of bedrooms you qualify at the time your port into the RHA jurisdiction. For this reason, the OCHA may issue you a voucher that may be smaller or larger than your original voucher size.

​Porting Out of Orange County

​The following instructions will be for families who wish to port successfully to another jurisdiction.

​1. Submit a written Notice of Intent to Vacate to both the Owner and the Orange County Housing Authority. (Review your lease to determine how many days are required to provide a notice to your landlord/owner. Some leases state a thirty (30) day or sixty (60) day notice.)

​2. Complete the Permission Statement for Portability. It is your responsibility to obtain all of the required paperwork. If all of the information is not supplied, this may delay your paperwork being transferred.

​3. Next, the Specialist will update your profile, coordinate a time in which you will be briefed, and issue you your voucher.

​4. You will receive a letter in the mail advising you that your paperwork has been forwarded to the Housing Authority you listed on the Permission Statement. It is your responsibility to follow up with that Housing Authority to proceed with the Portability process. NOTE: Please be advised that if you owe money to the Orange County Housing Authority, or you have outstanding tenant repairs on your inspection, you will not be approved to port outside of our jurisdiction.

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