Other Programs & Services

The Orange County Department of Social Services provides a variety of additional programs and services some of which are listed below. For more information on these or other programs, contact the office during business hours.

Financial Education & Counseling

Financial counseling services provide financial literacy training and household management to recipients of Emergency Assistance. The program allows families to develop the capacity to track and prioritize expenditures and to become financially independent.

Fatherhood Initiative

The Fatherhood Initiative Program is designed to provide employment related services to non-custodial fathers of children receiving some type of financial assistance to help involve them in the lives and welfare of their children.

Voter Registration Services

Clients of the Department of Social Services can register to vote or change their voting information at the agency.

Refugee Resettlement Program

Refugee public assistance involves two programs - refugee cash assistance and refugee medical assistance. Refugees are eligible for eight months after arrival in the country. These individuals enter the United States legally as a refugee pursuant to Section 207 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Eligibility criteria parallel the states Medicaid and welfare programs. Application for this assistance is made at the local department of social services.

These services are provided to:

  • Achieve self-sufficiency as quickly as possible
  • Acquire English language skills
  • Assist refugees to become employed
  • Expedite the resettlement process
  • Quickly reduce dependence on public assistance

Refugees are eligible for these services for the first five years they are in the United States.

Holiday Program / Summer Camp Program

These are programs that enable children involved with the agency to enjoy the holidays and Summer Camp.

Learn More and Apply

Please visit or call any Orange County DSS location to learn more about the programs listed above.