Why is the Highway 70 site the best location?

The Highway 70 site was recommended by staff for several reasons.

  • The location provides excellent access to the courts campus and Interstate 85.
  • The location has water and sewer services adjacent to the site. Capacity and flow analysis is being conducted as part of the examination of the site.
  • This site is supported by the Town of Hillsborough staff. Since the site falls within Hillsborough’s planning and land use ordinance jurisdiction, the county is following the prescribed process for the necessary land-use and zoning ordinance amendments to develop the campus site as envisioned.
  • The site offers more operationally efficient agriculture center, park operations center, and detention center transportation routes.
  • There are no existing structures on the site.
  • The site can accommodate other uses - e.g. the Agricultural Center, Parks Operations base and Park-and-Ride lots.
  • A campus site development strategy for multiple facilities allows for more cost and operations efficiency.

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