Why use an approved mushroom expert?

North Carolina's Food Protection Branch formed a committee to research the best practice for wild mushroom regulation in 2016. The committee established requirements that would allow wild mushroom foragers to sell to food establishments using the criteria set forth in the CFP "Guidance Document for a Model Wild-harvested Mushroom Program."

Because paragraph 3-210.16(A) of the Code does not specify requirements for an "approved mushroom identification expert, the CFP guidance document was used to determine the criteria that must be met for a wild mushroom forager to be an "approved mushroom identification expert". The criteria include record keeping and trace-ability, and written buyer specifications.

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1. What does the food code say about wild foraged mushrooms?
2. Why use an approved mushroom expert?
3. How do experts prove their credentials to the health department?
4. How will wild mushrooms be traced for food service establishments?
5. What wild foraged mushroom species will be allowed in North Carolina restaurants?
6. Are there other resources available?