What if I can not pay the bill?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, and you are a current Orange County Resident, we have a program called EMS Assistance that is offered through the Orange County Department of Social Services (DSS). If your balance is your true balance after all insurance has been processed and resources considered, DSS will make a determination based on income to see if you qualify. If approved, your bill will be covered through this program. If you are interested, please download the Consent of Release Form (PDF) and either mail, fax or email to our office. Our mailing address is located at the top of the document. You can fax your completed form to 919-644-3091 or email the Tax Administration. Once we receive your form, you account will be placed on hold until DSS accepts or denies your request for assistance based on qualification. You will be notified once a decision is made.

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1. I thought this service was covered in my tax bill, no one ever told me there was a charge.
2. Does Orange County Emergency Medical Services bill medical insurance?
3. What if the insurance information was not given at the time of service?
4. What if I never received a bill for this service? I did not realize there was a charge.
5. Will you file with my insurance company for this bill?
6. Why did my insurance company mail the check to me?
7. What if I gave my insurance information at the hospital and the insurance paid them. Why did you not file with my insurance?
8. This is a Workman’s Compensation claim. Why are you billing me?
9. How much time will Orange County EMS allow me to pay my ambulance bill?
10. Can I make monthly payments on my account?
11. What if I want to dispute the charges or services?
12. The last time I was transported the charge was different. Why did this transport cost more?
13. What are your fees for the level of service provided?
14. Where should I mail my payment?
15. Who do I make the check payable to?
16. Can I pay with a credit card?
17. Can I setup my payments through Automated Draft?
18. Will my credit be affected if I fail to pay this bill?
19. Do you offer discounts?
20. What if I can not pay the bill?
21. What if I did not call the ambulance, but was transported. Am I responsible for the bill?
22. Does Medicare pay for ambulance transportation?
23. What if I was not transported?
24. Does Medicare pay for non-transports?
25. What information is required by Orange County EMS before Medicare can be filed?
26. Does Medicare pay this service in full?
27. What if Medicare denies my claim? What options do I have?
28. Does Orange County EMS file supplemental insurance?
29. Can Orange County use legal measures to collect my Ambulance Fee?
30. What is the garnishment process?
31. How can I stop the garnishment process once it has begun?
32. What happens if there is an overpayment on my account?
33. How long does a refund take to receive?
34. What if I do not have insurance?
35. What if my bill is related to a traffic accident?
36. What methods of payment do you accept?
37. What is your physical location?
38. What if I move? Am I responsible if I do not receive a bill?