What are the fees for recording?

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1. What is your web page address for document research?
2. Can the Register of Deeds conduct a title search of my property?
3. How do I transfer names on a deed?
4. If I lose my original deed, how do I replace it?
5. Where can I get a map of my property?
6. How may I obtain a copy of a PLAT?
7. Where is parking available?
8. What is your address?
9. What are your hours of operation?
10. What are the requirements for obtaining a marriage license?
11. How can I get a copy of my marriage certificate?
12. What are the acceptable forms of identification for a marriage license?
13. How may I obtain a copy of my divorce?
14. What is the fee for a Marriage License?
15. Do I have to make an appointment to apply for a Marriage License?
16. Is it possible to apply for a marriage license in Orange County and get married in another county in North Carolina?
17. What is the valid period of time for the marriage license?
18. Are premarital physical exams required?
19. Whom do I contact regarding a civil ceremony?
20. What is the procedure for changing my name after marriage?
21. How do I register a business name?
22. What are the fees for recording?
23. How do I determine the excise tax on a property?
24. May I obtain a Birth Certificate from your office?
25. How do I obtain an initial appointment or reappointment form for my Notary Public Commission?
26. Do I need an appointment to take my notary oath?